About WC Zone D


Malaysia has been granted the rights to host the FIP Polo World Cup Zone D Qualifying Tournament in June 2011

Tournament Dates: 14th to 25th June 2011

    Participating Countries. FIP has four geographic zones. They are:

  • Zone A: North America
  • Zone B: South America
  • Zone C: Europe
  • Zone D: Rest of the World

    FIP Zone D Comprises of

  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Africa

    The Confirmed Participating Countries Are:

    • AUS Australia
    • PAKISTAN Pakistan
    • INDIA India
    • NIGERIA Nigeria
    • NEW ZEALAND New Zealand
    • SOUTH AFRICA South Africa
    • MALAYSIA Malaysia
    Malaysia will host a maximum of eight teams for the 2011 FIP Polo World Cup Zone D Qualifying Tournament, including our own team. Of more than eight teams enter, it is up to FIP to decide on the eight participants through sub-zoning

    Government Liaison

    RMPA's bid was backed by the Government of Malaysia and we received a strong letter of support from the Rt Hon. Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. We are currently in discussion with the Government on the details of their support

    Horse Requirement

    The host country provides all the horses for this event. The FIP requirement is for 230 horses of a high goal standard. The horses used will all belong to private owners who already have horses in Malaysia. Currently Malaysia has over 1,000 polo ponies.

    Logistic Requirements

    RMPA would provide professional stewarding, umpiring, game and TV commentators, veterinary & medical services, teams and officials liaison, transportation of officials, horse transportation, stabling facilities, prizes and all the support services required to run a top quality international polo tournament.

    Accommodation & Transport

    As hosts, Malaysia will provide hotel accommodation and the transportation requirements for all teams and FIP officials participating in the FIP World Cup Zone D Qualifying Tournament.


    In projecting the tournament and Malaysia’s image, we would seek to provide a high standard of public relations, including press conferences, media centres at all games venues, and most importantly to provide television coverage of the tournament.

    Technical Handbook

    The Royal Malaysian Polo Association, in conjunction with the Federation of International Polo, has produced a Technical Handbook for this tournament. The Technical Handbook can be downloaded here.