The tournament draw for zones and fixtures of play for the group stages was done at the Sponsors Launch on 20th April 2011.
    The Seven countries entered are:
  • 1 South Africa
  • 2 New Zealand
  • 3 Australia
  • 4 India
  • 5 Pakistan
  • 6 Nigeria
  • 7 Malaysia
    Teams were drawn into 3 zones of 2, 2 and 3 teams.
  • Zone 1
    Team A Australia
    Team B Malaysia
  • Zone 2
    Team C New Zealand
    Team D India
  • Zone 3
    Team E South Africa
    Team F Pakistan
    Team G Nigeria
    The first part of the tournament will be played at the Royal Pahang Polo Club in Pekan, Pahang.
    Match schedule
  • Monday 13th June
    Opening Ceremony
    Team E South Africa vs Team G Nigeria

  • Tuesday 14th June
    Team A Australia vs Team D India
    Team C New Zealand vs Team B Malaysia

  • Wednesday 15th June
    Team F Pakistan vs Team G Nigeria

  • Friday 17th June
    Team B Malaysia vs Team D India
    Team A Australia vs Team C New Zealand

  • Saturday 18th June
    Team E South Africa vs Team F Pakistan

  • After these matches, the top four teams will go to the semi-finals, while the bottom three teams will play in a round robin to decide 5th to 7th placings.

  • The Round Robin for 5th / 6th /7th will be played on Monday 20th June.

  • The Semi-Finals will be played on Tuesday 21st June.

  • The tournament will then move to the Royal Selangor Polo Club in Kuala Lumpur.

  • The 3rd / 4th Place Match will be played on Friday 24th June. This will decide the third team to represent Zone D at the FIP Polo World Cup Finals.

  • The Final will be played on Saturday 25th June. The winner will lift the Malaysia Cup.


Playing Schedule
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